Why Rapido

Logistics is an industry where people, relationships and execution make all the difference.

Finding the right people who are strong multi-taskers, solution-oriented and thrive under pressure is essential to your success. Work with the nearshore staffing partner that has the passion and experience in logistics and supply chain management.

We Solve Your Hiring Challenges

Rapido Solutions Group was founded to solve challenges that logistics companies face in hiring and retaining great talent. Co-Founders Danny Frisco and Roberto Icaza have 20 years’ experience helping to scale and grow some of the largest, most influential logistics companies in the logistics industry. Rapido is driven by an inside knowledge of how to recruit and hire within the logistics industry, and a passion to build better solutions.

Rapido builds nearshore teams, provides infrastructure and technical support to North America’s fastest growing logistics companies. We recruit the greatest talent in Guadalajara, Mexico and train them for roles in logistics and supply chain management.

What is Nearshoring?

The practice of getting work or services performed by people in neighboring countries rather than outsourcing to countries that are much farther from the United States.

This should not be viewed as outsourcing. We specialize in building extensions of your team in Mexico and ensure you do not give up your culture and best practices.

Benefits of Nearshore

Geographic proximity makes travel and communication cheaper.

Commonalities between cultures.

Time zones are the same or closer than offshore outsourcing.

Language barrier is less of an obstacle.
Lowering costs and increasing efficiency
Finding the best candidate
Creating a corporate culture
Bilingual qualified talent
Establishing a modern workplace
Training program for employees
Motivating and incentivizing employees
Eliminating administrative burden

Why Guadalajara

In recent years, the growing metropolis of Guadalajara has become a location of choice in Mexico for nearshore contact center delivery into the US.

Accessibility to the US

Guadalajara is among the most accessible cities in Mexico for American executives. It is serviced by most major US carriers, with direct flights to and from all major cities.

Technology hub

With it’s business-friendly urban locations and high-quality network connectivity, Guadalajara has been dubbed by many as Silicon Valley of Mexico.

Educated and scalable labor pool

As Mexico’s second-largest city, with a metro population of over 5 million, Guadalajara provides a scalable workforce for BPO operators. Equally, roughly half of the city’s residents have completed high school, with over a quarter having post-secondary education designation. This is ideal for the recruitment of skilled, multilingual talent to support American consumers.

Emerging Mexican delivery alternative

Guadalajara has become a sought-after choice for nearshore front-office support. Over the past decade the city has managed to attract some of the most important names in customer experience management for nearshoring purposes. It is the cradle for locally-born disruptive customer service operators.