About Us

Rapido Solutions Group is a nearshore logistics staffing company based in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The company recruits, trains and manages the talent for 24/7 coverage in a variety of essential logistics positions, including Tracking and Tracing, Lead Generation, POD Retrieval, Data Entry and Load Building, Customer and Carrier Operations, Driver Recruiting Representatives and more. Founded in 2019 by experienced logistics professionals, Rapido Solutions Group has a mission to become the leading nearshore service provider in Latin America and the best company to work in Mexico.

Our Mission

Our customers are central to our mission. We are committed to connecting hyper growth businesses with the best global talent, allowing customers to scale efficiently and effectively.  In doing this, we are committed to providing transparency and the best service to our partners while allowing them to  save time to focus on what really matters in their business.


To be the leading nearshore service provider in Latin America.

To be valued as a trusted partner and advisor by our customers and associates.

To be the best company to work in Mexico.

Meet The Founders

Danny Frisco, CEO

Danny is the CEO of Rapido Solutions Group and is responsible for the sales and long term strategy and vision of the company. Prior to founding Rapido Solutions Group, Danny worked at Coyote Logistics on the carrier sales side and most recently served as the Senior Carrier Sales Manager of BlueGrace Logistics. While at BlueGrace, he helped open up their Chicago office and grew their sales team from 3 to 40+ carrier sales reps. This gave him a deep knowledge of how to recruit and hire within the logistics industry and the realization of how current logistics companies struggle to hire and retain good talent. He received a B.A in Finance at  the University of Iowa.

Roberto Icaza, COO

Roberto is the COO of Rapido Solutions Group and is responsible for operational strategy, client service and overseeing the operation in Mexico. Prior to founding Rapido Solutions Group, Roberto worked at Coyote Logistics in different roles over 10 years.  Most recently, he served as the Senior Manager of Mexico Business Strategy where he led and supported the extension of both new and existing Coyote service offerings in the Mexico market and helped open their first offices in Mexico in Guadalajara and Monterrey. He relocated to Guadalajara to help manage and contribute to Coyote Mexico’s growth strategy and restructure the team organizational and compensation plans to unify the service offerings and take advantage of best practices.  Both of his parents were Nicaraguan immigrants, so his passion has always been to start a company in the intersection of Latin America and the USA.  He received a B.A in Political Science from The University of Michigan.